All Saints Day

On Sunday, November 1st, St. Michael’s was visited by special guests! Twelve saints from ages past made their way to the Parish Hall for a celebration! This intergenerational event was a fun opportunity for children to express those imaginations, for adults to partake in the celebration, and for everyone to learn a little bit more about the saints of the Church.

After a time of fellowship and crafts, there was a teaching time about the lives of the saints. The word itself comes from the Latin sanctus, meaning holy (similar to the Spanish word for holy: santo). Saints are those people who the Church remembers, who lived especially holy or virtuous lives and followed Jesus. Biblically speaking, the word saint was used to refer to all believers. So we are all saints if we believe in Jesus!

Each child was introduced as their chosen saint. Present with us were saints from the time of Christ through the late 1800s: Saint Anne, Saint Cecilia, Saint Peter, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Saint Pelagia, Saint Matthew, Santa Lucia, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Mark, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Mary, and Saint Catherine of Bologna.

These special visitors processed in the 10:00 am Mass alongside the acolytes, choir, and clergy. The parade of saints was a joyful reminder that we worship not only with those physically present, but with a “great cloud of witnesses!”

Written by Becky Gleason, Children’s Minister.