“Open, O Lord, the eyes of all people to behold thy gracious hand in all thy works, that, rejoicing in thy whole creation, they may honor thee with their substance, and be faithful stewards of thy bounty.” The Book of Common Prayer

Once upon a time, St. Michael’s by-the-Sea was but a wee little mission on a not-so-faraway corner of Carlsbad Boulevard. Half a century later, the little chapel was moved to the plot of land we now call home. Our current ocean-view location was gifted to the parish by one of its faithful families. Talk about tithing!

You’ve likely heard the story of the McGee family. It is a wonderful story, one that speaks volumes about giving from a place of true faith. All those years ago, not only was the gift to the glory of Almighty God, but it also was an investment in the vision of what St. Michael’s was to be, not only for the McGee family and other parish families of that generation, but for countless generations to come.

My own family has been a part of St. Michael’s by-the-Sea for three generations. Personally, most major life events and holy days have a piece of St. Michael’s history. Many of you share a similar, multigenerational history here. Regardless of how long you’ve been a member, we all have lovely memories of the many ways this church has enriched our lives.

The parish that we’ve inherited is so much more than a beautiful set of buildings. As a church family, we’ve inherited a rich faith and are fortunate that those who’ve come before us have laid a solid foundation. Every part of the church campus has a function and was planned, built, and furnished with one single purpose — to further the mission of Christ’s kingdom. While a blessing, none of it appeared magically! Since 1894, the investment of time, talent, and treasure of thousands of faithful parishioners have helped to make this kingdom vision a reality on earth.

As a result of our renewed commitment to St. Michael’s by-the-Sea, some great things have happened in 2016. We’re seeing new faces on Sunday mornings, enjoying new pickleball courts and pickleball friends, witnessing a campus full of people during the Carlsbad Music Festival, and appreciating a beautiful new narthex that brings air and light into our church.

St. Michael’s by-the-Sea will continue to be a beacon of God’s truth and love, as we have been since 1894. As we celebrate these wonderful milestones in 2016, please prayerfully consider what your commitment will be to St. Michael’s in 2017. Realize Stewardship Via Pledge

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Written by Debra Krepps, St. Michael’s Junior Warden.