My first exposure to Mount Hermon was not as a camper, but as an employee. I spent two summers during my college years being paid to hike in the Redwoods and coach rock climbing.

Now in attendance as a pastor’s wife, parent, and pilgrim, I am on the receiving end of the ‘Mount Hermon Experience’. To share the time with my husband and children, and now our extended St. Michael’s family members, is pure providence!

Mount Hermon has well-designed programming, community building, exceptional hospitality, and spiritual refreshment. Commit some summer days to faith and family and register your family for a meaningful week at Family Camp! The St. Michael’s 2016 trip is July 31st – August 6th. For more  information or questions contact

Below are first-hand accounts from St. Michael’s parishioners, who attended the 2015 Mount Hermon trip.

John and I have enjoyed the Mount Hermon experience for the last 2 years with two of our grandchildren. They are 13 and 16 and love it as much as we do. It’s wonderful to share this with our church friends and the friends we have made through camp.

Children of all ages are kept busy and have so much fun. Adults are kept as busy as they’d like to be! Programming is organized and meaningful. We are so looking forward to this year!  

Please join us!

– John and Pauline Clark

As a family we have committed to spending a week at Mount Hermon each summer. It is not often that one experience includes a built-in family tradition, fellowship with our church family, deeply insightful and blessed teaching, natural beauty, and (for those with children) lots of childcare!

When I was growing up we had a wonderful church with a gang of kids growing up together, after-church picnics, Christmas pageants, doughnuts during coffee hour, the whole bit. When I was nine our family moved, and we could not recapture that experience even as we attended churches each place we moved. My sister and I still reminisce about those years and how precious they were.

When my wife Wendy and I arrived at St. Michael’s in the summer of 2005, I finally found a replicate!I mention all of this because at Mount Hermon we found a similar blessed place, one I want our daughter Ruby to experience during her childhood and formative years.

My life has shown me that such experiences are rare and don’t always come around again. When a place like Mount Hermon is brought into my life it becomes a priority. The week of time is a commitment as is the cost and the distance getting there, but the time is blessed and the memories are lasting.

I hope to see you there!

– Adam Belt

Written by Therese Stambaugh, Family Minister.