Sharing the Love of Christ


On the Sunday following Easter, the children of St. Michael’s gathered around a wooden cross and lovingly covered it with spring flowers. While it was a fun activity for the children, the symbolic meaning runs deep. Through His work on the cross, Jesus brings life out of death. The cross, a hideous torture device, is transformed into something beautiful. The Flowering Cross is a physical reminder that Christ can transform any life and any situation!

During the 10:00 am Mass, children brought the Mite Cans of the parish to the foot of the Flowering Cross where they received a blessing from Fr. Doran. St. Michael’s parish-wide Lenten offertory efforts raised just over $1,000! These funds will be used to provide care to seven-year-old Diana and all the children at Vida Joven de México.

Following the service, the children removed the bouquets of flowers from the cross, and shared them with those gathered in church. The flowers from the cross brightened the homes of 50 parishioners, reminding us that the work on the cross becomes more beautiful as we share it. 

This article was written by Children’s Minister, Becky Gleason.

Posted on April 18th, by Megan Stanton in Family Ministry.
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