In my role as Pastoral Care Assistant I am presented with many opportunities to see God’s work in the restoration of both body and faith. I would like to share with you two examples of how the work of the Holy Spirit was shown to me recently.

One example is a man I visited for a couple for months who was recovering from a major operation. Initially he claimed to be a “non-believer” and said he did not want to talk about God or religion during our pastoral care visits. I explained to him that pastoral care was for all people, irrespective of their beliefs. So each visit we talked about his operation, the skills and compassion of the doctors and nurses, his treatment plan, his hopes for recovery, the television shows he enjoyed, his hopes and plans for after his recovery. Over the weeks the conversations followed the same pattern but it seemed the topics of compassion and hope grew longer each time. In our conversations I could feel the Holy Spirit in the room and at work with us. Later after he was discharged and back in his apartment a colleague was visiting him and found him praying to what he called the “higher power” who was looking after him, guiding him and comfort him. He did not say it was our Christian God but it sounds a lot like the Holy Spirit was actively working to restore his faith.

Another example is an urgent request I had to visit and pray with a person in her 90’s who had been diagnosed with a serious stomach condition and whose internal organs were starting to shut down. I visited her with one of the care givers in the nursing facility and although she was in and out of consciousness we read the Gospel and some Psalms to her and prayed for God to heal her. The next day we visited and again read the Gospel and some Psalms to her and prayed for God to heal her. On the 3rd day we visited we were told the doctors could find not find any sign of her stomach condition and she was starting to recover. I am sure that this was God working through our prayers to restore her to health. She is now back to attending regular worship services and Bible study sessions. In this Pastoral Care Assistant role I thank God that I am so blessed to feel and see God’s spiritual and physical restorative work in others.

This article was written by Assistant for Pastoral Care, Chris Craig-Jones and was published in the 2017 Fall Messenger.