Get out your red shirts, ties, and dresses…The Celebration of Pentecost is approaching, and it’s a big deal holy day!

This isn’t the first time God commanded His People to commemorate this day—He commands the Jews in Leviticus 23 to celebrate the Feast of Weeks 50 days after the end of Passover.  The Feast of Weeks was the second greatest feast in Israel’s year, and was originally a harvest festival.  As time went on, however, it became a feast to celebrate the giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai.

It was during the celebration of the Feast of Weeks that God the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the apostles, empowering them for their mission and establishing them as the Church.

It is ironic that the powerful coming of God the Holy Spirit would happen at a feast where the Jews were celebrating the Giving of the Law.  After all, the Law of the Spirit of Life has set us free from the Law of Sin and death (Romans 8:2).

Maybe not so ironic when we understand that the Law was put in charge to lead us to Christ (Galatians 3:24).  Indeed, it is divinely appropriate that a festival celebrating the Giving of the Law would come to its completion on the Day when the Holy Spirit comes with power.

The Giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai is a gracious act of God.  Remember, these were a people enslaved in Egypt for over 400 years, and had never been free to make their own decisions.  God rescued them from this slavery and brought them into the desert.  Then God gives them the Law, to reveal Himself and His character to them, so they might live rightly in freedom.  This Law will eventually reveal to them their need for a savior—a Messiah—who is, of course, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the very same way, the coming of the Holy Spirit reminds us of our need for a savior—our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit releases us from the oppression of sin and supplies us with grace to live rightly in Truth.

Let us all wear red as we join together to celebrate Pentecost!  It is the birthday of the Church; the coming of God the Holy Spirit in power and glory! Join the intergenerational event in the Parish Hall from 9:15 – 10:00 am for fellowship, refreshments, and crafts.

This article was written by parishioner Ben Conarroe.

Photo credit: “Dove in Flight”; Emmett Tullos; A filter added to the original photo.