The Eucharist Outside Church Buildings

​As the Assistant for Pastoral Care,​ I would like to ​build ​aware​ness ​of an unnoticed but important ministry here at St Michael’s by-the-Sea. This ministry is aimed at reaching out to members of our Church ​family ​who cannot attend ​Mass​ …

Arr! VBS Shipwrecked be a Success!

Ordinary Time?

Nothing can seem extraordinary until you have discovered what is ordinary

​- CS Lewis

In the Christian liturgical year, we have times for all things. Advent is anticipation, Christmas is celebrating the birth of Our Lord, Lent is for inner …

The Happy Place – What and Where is it?

One of the great blessings of the body of Christ is experiencing the depth and breadth of giftedness of its many members. Among her myriad contributions to the local community, St. Michael’s parishioner Alma Sisco-Smith is an active member of

Endless Summer

Kids are out of school and the Southern California heat is starting turn up. It​ i​s an exciting time that brings long days, late nights, adventures, and freedom!

Like many living in San Diego, I did not grow up here. …