Never Had There Been Such a Feast!

“But we have little enough for ourselves!” In the folk tale Stone Soup, this is the villagers’ reaction when they see three strangers walking toward their town. So, what do they do? They hurry to hide all their food and …

Stewardship – A Spiritual Discipline

The theme of this year’s stewardship campaign is to Realize Stewardship Via Pledge. A pledge is a commitment, a promise, a way of “realizing” (making real) our spiritual discipline of stewardship.

There is a plainly practical …

My Grace is Sufficient

Salvation – a beautiful gift given to the world by God Himself. The Father sent his only Son to earth, a God and King of all creation, to be born as a man whose purpose was to be a blameless

Stewardship – Saying Thank You


This is a great time of the year, the new program has just started – Yipee !!!

Even better, now is the time for stewardship which gives us an opportunity to contemplate how we can praise God for all

Send Us Now Into the World in Peace

On Sunday, September 10th, the parish took part in a time of prayer for educators and students of all ages. As we embark on another church program year, a significant portion of the parish family is embarking on another academic …