Lenten season

Lenten Quiet Day

Lenten Quiet Day

Time of Reflection and Prayer

A Quiet Day is a retreat designed with periods of teaching and prayerful reflection. At this All Parish Quiet Day, facilitator Becky Gleason will share thoughts on Prayer, Service, and Evangelism. A special St. Patty’s

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Lent at St. Michael’s

Lent has always been a very important time of the church calendar at St. Michael’s. Growing up as a child of the parish in 1950s and 1960s, observation of Lent was something every church member took seriously.

Everyone made very

Observing Lent With Children

Lent is coming! Yay?!?

Okay, so most of us don’t approach Lent with that kind of enthusiasm. A 40-day period of self-denial and prayer might not be something we look forward to each year, and it may be one of …