Home, church door

While growing up, I often heard the old adage that home is where the heart is. As a child I was unable to grasp the full meaning and significance of this phrase. But as I matured, my eyes have been opened to allow me to recognize the beauty and truth of this expression.

I find it interesting that we frequently use the words house and home interchangeably in our everyday language. Although they share similarities with each other, there are also important differences. A house is a building where we live. But a home is more than just a physical structure. A home is a place where we find shelter from the stresses and burdens of life in order to connect with our Lord. Therefore, when we speak of home, we are referring to something deeply spiritual. It is where we can find rest for our souls and recharge our spiritual batteries. Many of us often spend much of our lives in search of this spiritual home whether we realize it or not.

I find St. Michael’s chapel to be my place of rest. I go there at various times during the week to connect with God. Every time I step foot in the chapel, I can feel God’s presence in a profound way. I cannot articulate with words what I experience, but I know God is there with me.

I strongly encourage you to find your spiritual home. It is vitally important to your relationship with God. In order to grow and mature in our faith, we must find the time in our busy schedules to spend time with the Lord. This place is different for each of us. If we make this a priority in our life, we will find the peace that our hearts desire.

Written by Fr. Ken Simon, Associate Rector, and published in the 2014 Summer Messenger.