God was not – and is not – concerned with how much money we each put into the offertory plate on Sundays. The story of the Widow’s Mite (Mark 12:41-44) makes that very clear. In this passage, Jesus, calling the disciples, points out a poor widow who has placed two copper coins in the temple treasury. He says that the large sums of money given by the rich are nothing compared to her gift. Why? Because she gave everything she had. Although the offerings of the rich had greater monetary value, their relative value was much less. Their lives would continue just the same, unaffected by their decision to give.

In contrast, the widow’s faith and desire to serve are made evident in her choice to give a life-changing gift. There is no question in my mind that love for the Lord was the motivating factor in her decision. That, I believe, is what Jesus is revealing with this example. While God may not care how much we give, He cares a great deal about the intention with which we give. God wants us to give with our hearts.

The Widow’s Mite is a story about money, but the same principle can be applied in every aspect of our lives: in our relationships, jobs, service, and recreation; in the way we spend our time, talent, and treasure. As we reflect on our own faith lives, may we move beyond the question of what we’re doing to the deeper question of what motivates our decisions. The question moves from “What am I doing to give/serve?” to, “Am I giving/serving out of love?”

We asked ourselves this question as we raised money through our Mite Can Outreach Project. Children and adults alike gathered their coins and dollars throughout Lent to lovingly support the children at Vida Joven, an orphanage in Tijuana. It was an opportunity to serve God’s church in a unique way. Together, we raised $432 toward our sponsorship of nine-year-old Diana who lives at Vida Joven.

On Saturday, April 21, a group of eight people from St. Michael’s traveled to Vida Joven to deliver our donation. More importantly, the group spent a few hours playing with the children. Sharing financial resources helps to keep the home open, providing a safe haven to children with nowhere else to go. But perhaps the most tangible expression of Christ’s love is the time spent together.

The children at Vida Joven have experienced loss and abandonment beyond what most of us can comprehend. As we grow in relationship with we these children, may they know that they have not been forgotten. May they glimpse Christ’s love through the whole-hearted love and support of this community.

Contribute toward St. Michael’s sponsorship of Diana at Vida Joven by writing a check to St. Michael’s with “sponsorship” in the memo line. Learn more about visiting Vida Joven!

This article was written by Children’s Minister, Becky Gleason.