La Costa Canyon High Schoolers

Throughout the fall 2015 semester, a sociology class from La Costa Canyon High School, led by teacher John Digiulio, spent many Friday class sessions at Carlsbad by the Sea Retirement Community. They spent time with residents playing pickleball, making cupcakes, doing Pilates, helping with technology, and more! They also packed lunches for St. Michael’s Sack Lunch program. These modest lunches provide nourishment for the homeless and food insecure in our community. A few reflections from La Costa Canyon students and their teacher:

I loved decorating cupcakes with residents. Not only was it fun, the seniors were really entertaining to interact with.

[While packing lunches], everyone really came together and worked efficiently and selflessly for others.

I really enjoyed being able to put a smile on their faces!

I played pickleball with the elders and got my butt whooped. They always know how to beat us.

I had a lot of fun talking to [one of the residents] and helping her out. Her personality was great and made me wonder what I’ll be like when I’m older.

One woman recognized me from the last time…she held my hand and had the happiest smile I’ve ever seen. It was probably the greatest experience I could ask for.

I had an excellent experience helping [one of the residents]. She needed help with her iPad, and I showed her how it works and what she can do with it. She was very patient and actually learned how to watch videos, and send email.

We did yoga with a 95 year-old man. That was fun!

The visit [to St. Michael’s] was really cool because we got to directly affect the community in a positive way.

It was such a good experience and I can’t wait to go back.

As their teacher, I hope to create every opportunity for my students to have experiences beyond those in the classroom that allow them to broaden their understanding of the world they live in. Through that, I want my class to draw from those experiences to become more socially literate and give back to their community. Creating these opportunities gives me a great deal of satisfaction. They are such a wonderful class. I’m fortunate to have the chance to work with them.
John Digiulio

The students from La Costa Canyon High School will further impact their community as they plan a school-wide drive for toothbrushes and rain ponchos for the visitors to St. Michael’s Sack Lunch Program.

Their desire to make an impact should inspire us all!

Written by Becky Gleason, Children’s Minister.