Testimony #1: Providing Healing Prayers

I recently joined the Pastoral Care/Healing Prayer team. When two church members had to go into hospital for operations, I suggested we pray for them collectively on the same day and at the same time. Our team agreed with my idea, and we now pray collectively for people who request prayer. For example, if a person is scheduled for surgery or is injured, I send out a collective prayer request with the day and time and we pray simultaneously. It is powerful as a group!

Testimony #2: The Red Intercessory Prayer Book

The feelings generated within me when I’m conducting intercessory prayers are indescribable for another to understand. It’s a unique, individual experience filled with such meaning and value. When I took the Red Intercessory Prayer Book into our 122 year-old chapel the first time, not only did I feel the powerful presence of the Three-in-One, but also all the prayers prayed before me filling me to be God’s vessel as I prayed for others. It was overwhelming and truly humbling! I felt led to be a part of this ministry, and the opportunities, through God’s grace, goodness, and mercy, continue and are expanding within and beyond our church community. I strongly encourage participation as another way to give while also receiving so much in return.

Testimony #3: Healing Prayers Answered

In March 2015 I went for my annual mammogram. I was nervous about going because my sister was in the middle of her breast cancer treatments, and I’d already had an ovarian cancer scare. I was called back because the radiologist found something he didn’t like on my films. I was scheduled to return in a week for additional photos.

The minute I got off the phone with my doctor I went to our Friday healing service. I asked one of the Healing Prayer Team members to pray with me before the service started. The prayer was that God would “burn” whatever abnormality was in my body, and I immediately felt a very strong burning in my chest. When I returned to have a second mammogram, the radiologist could not locate the abnormality, and I was sent on my way. A recent mammogram also has me in the clear.

This was not the first time I was healed by healing prayer. I am a true believer!

Testimony #4: Healing Prayers Answered

I requested prayers for physical healing, and I believe God is in the process of healing me. I know He’s working behind the scenes in His own perfect timing. He is limitless so my expectations are high. I am living in the present moment, praising God and thanking Him for my many blessings while visualizing my body healed.

I also know that as my faith grows, spiritual enemies battle against me. These enemies want to take my joy away while I am certain Jesus wants me whole . . . physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically. After asking for physical healing prayers, I learned I might benefit from deeper healing to remove any blockage from my past which could be preventing my present healing so I requested in-depth healing prayers.

The process was cleansing, and ever since I have experienced th e world with a different outlook. Evil forces have been bound up and sent to the Cross of Jesus. Now if I feel anything outside of the love of Jesus, I say to myself or out loud, “The blood of Jesus protects me, redeems me, restores me, cleanses me, and has saved me.” I also may say, “Thicken the hedge of protection around me!” I thank God for His angels surrounding me, His full armor protecting me, and the love of Jesus lifting me up to serve.

The Lord continues changing my life for the better as a result of physical healing but also through prayers for in-depth healing.

Testimony #5: Healing Prayers Answered

About 18 months ago I had laparoscopic surgery on my stomach. The operation went well, but one of the incisions became infected. I was monitoring the growth of the infection by drawing a ring around the edge of it and checking each day to see if it was getting better or worse before contacting the surgeon for an appointment.
It was getting worse each day.

One day after a service in the chapel one of St. Michael’s Healing Prayer Team members and I prayed a healing prayer, and during the prayer I felt a warm glow and a healing power. The next morning I checked my wound. The infection had disappeared, and my wound had completely healed and closed up.

Thanks be to God, I did not have to go back to the operating room!

These stories were written by members of St. Michael’s Healing Prayer Team and published in the 2016 Fall Messenger. For more information about getting involved in the Healing Prayer Team contact Chris Craig-Jones, Assistant for Pastoral Care.