“My name is Diana and I have lived at Vida Joven for a little over two years. I am 7 years old and I am in 2nd grade. I have three siblings: Karla is 9 years old, Daniel is 6, and Mayra is 3. I live at Vida Joven because my parents left my siblings and me living all alone in a house. Our parents have problems with drugs. Our parents have never come to visit us at Vida Joven, and I miss my mom. I like to do art projects. I am kind of quiet, but I also like to laugh and be silly!”

Imagine how your life would look today had you experienced this kind of trauma in your childhood. Sadly, this is a reality for many children around the world.

Vida Joven de México (formerly Dorcas House) is a home affiliated with the Anglican Church caring for these particularly vulnerable children. Children range in age from three to eighteen. All have been abused and neglected.  Over half have a parent who is incarcerated. Vida Joven’s mission is to love, protect, and educate the 25-40 children in their care.

Though these children endure so much hurt and uncertainty, the ministry of Vida Joven brings stability and hope.  Children at Vida Joven know that they will be cared for, that they will be educated, fed, and clothed. Most importantly, the Vida Joven team truly loves and cares for each child in the name of Christ. The difference that makes in these young lives is immeasurable.

Our church extends beyond the walls of our buildings, and our church family extends beyond the faces we see on Sunday mornings. We are called as followers of Christ to help and encourage, to share God’s love with all people, and to be a part of the work of the Gospel. To this end, St. Michael’s 2016 Lenten Mite Can Outreach will be dedicated to sponsorship of Diana and to the greater ministry of Vida Joven.

Join us in the Parish Hall at 9:15 am on Sunday, February 14th for an intergenerational Mite Can ‘Kick Off Party’! St. Michael’s will be hosting Vida Joven Program Developer Beth Beall who will share about the home and tell us more about Diana’s story.

St. Michael’s mission is, “To be beacon of God’s truth and love . . . by sharing in Christ’s work of reconciliation and healing in the world.” Let us put this mission statement into action!

Visit Vida Joven de México on Saturday, April 16th! Pre-registration and a valid passport are required. Click here to sign up and learn more!

Written by Becky Gleason, Children’s Minister.