Old St. Michael's Chapel


St. Michael’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church is the oldest, and was for many years the only church in Carlsbad. Our historic chapel, Old St. Michael’s, was built in 1894 and is one of the four oldest buildings in the village. Both the old and the new church are in use for services.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the center of this spiritual community. Morning and Evening Prayer is offered daily in the chapel. Whether you’re in town for a week at the beach or a local pilgrim on a spiritual journey, you are welcome!

Service Times

7:30 am – Morning Prayer
8:00 am – Holy Eucharist Rite I
9:15 am – Adult Forum
9:15 am – Children & Youth Sunday School
10:15 am – Holy Eucharist Rite I (sung)
5:30 pm – Evening Prayer

8:30 am – Morning Prayer
5:30 pm – Evening Prayer

8:30 am – Morning Prayer
5:30 pm – Evening Prayer

8:30 am – Morning Prayer
5:30 pm – Evening Prayer & Holy Eucharist Rite II

8:30 am – Morning Prayer & Holy Eucharist Rite I
5:30 pm – Evening Prayer

8:30 am – Morning Prayer
12:00 pm – Healing Eucharist
5:30 pm – Evening Prayer

8:30 am – Morning Prayer
5:15 pm – Evening Prayer
5:30 pm – Holy Eucharist Rite II

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