You may notice at church on Sunday that sometimes people stay a little longer at the rail after communion to receive a blessing and the consecrated elements. From the earliest years of the Church, faithful Christians have reached out to members of the body who cannot attend services because of illness or other circumstances. St. Michael’s Pastoral Care Team are lay persons trained and licensed to take the Consecrated Elements to members of the congregation who are unable to be present at the Celebration and provide pastoral care and Eucharistic visits to anyone in need.

At St. Michael’s by-the-Sea we also have a team of people who are trained members of the Order Of St. Luke (OSL) Healing Ministry. This team provides healing prayers at sessions between services, on some Sunday mornings, and also more in-depth healing prayer sessions by request.

If you or someone you know cannot attend church due to illness or infirmity, and wish to have prayer said for them, please fill out the Intercessory Prayer Request Form or if you wish to schedule a visit, please fill out the Pastoral Care/Communion Request Form or call the office at (760) 729-8901.

Interested in serving on the Pastoral Care Team? Contact