St. Michael’s Leadership

Originally, the word “Vestry” referred to the room in a church where all the vestments were kept, and where the clergy and servers got “vested” for worship. The word has also come to refer to the body of lay members elected by the congregation to run the secular business of the parish.

Vestry members are adult members of the parish (16 years or more) who are attendant at worship, regular contributors of record and who for the previous sixty days shall have been registered in the congregation as a baptized person or communicant member.

The St. Michael’s Vestry is comprised of the following parish members:

Class of 2020

Cole McCabe – Worship
Billy Gleason – Admin
Jason Linley
Kristin Miller

Class of 2021

Anthony Parisi
Ginny Unanue
Karen Brockmeier
Mike Moreland

Class of 2022

Erica Martin
Greg Louvier


Senior Warden – Erica Martin
Junior Warden – 

Supporting Roles

Treasurer – Richard Yaros
Legal Advisor – Erica Martin
Clerk – Linda Mumford