Happy Earth Day!

Click on the video above for a short message and song praising God for His creation. Feel free to sing along at home!

Here are a few family-friendly ideas for celebrating God’s creation with all five senses:

  • Go on a walk (or look out the window) and see how many trees, flowers, bugs, or birds you can find. Make a game out of counting them. Thank God for making plants that give us fresh air to breathe and for making animals, each with their own special purpose. Thank God for eyes to see His creation.
  • “Stop and smell the roses.” Find flowers, herbs, etc. that have a unique smell. Close your eyes and breathe in their scent. What words can you find to describe it? For those who live near the beach, see if you can smell the ocean! Thank God that His creation is full of beautiful and unique smells. Thank God for noses to smell His creation.
  • Touch the ground (maybe even walk barefoot!). Notice how it feels. Is it damp or dry? Warm or cool? If you have pets at home, pet them. Notice how their fur, scales, shell, etc. feel. Thank God for the earth where plants grow and where we can run and play. Thank God that we have pets to love and who love us. Thank God for fingers and toes to feel His creation.
  • Go outside, stand very still, and listen. Can you hear any birds? Is there wind blowing through the trees? Thank God for the birds who make their home in the trees and for wind which brings both rain and sun. Thank God for ears to hear His creation.
  • Eat a yummy, healthy snack. Notice it tastesThank God for delicious food that helps our bodies grow strong. Thank God for tongues to taste His creation!

May we all take a moment today to stop and see, smell, feel, hear, and taste the goodness of the Lord today!