Archaeology is revolutionizing the way we picture the life and times of Jesus. In the past century — and especially in the past three decades — excavators in the Holy Land have uncovered startling evidence of Jesus, the Jewish world he lived and taught in and the men and women who first walked beside him.

In this new film from the Biblical Archaeology Society, Hershel Shanks visits Nazareth, Galilee, Capernaum, Bethsaida, Qumran, Sepphoris, and Jerusalem to view sites where Jesus walked. Along the way, Shanks meets with the world’s most prominent archaeologists and biblical scholars to discuss the archaeological discoveries that link these sites to Jesus. Their lively, in-depth conversations offer a clear picture of how current archaeology is illuminating the New Testament.

The fascinating finds include a first-century boat like the one the apostles used, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the theater at Sepphoris, the fishing village of Bethsaida, the Capernaum synagogue where Jesus preached, the remains of an individual crucified in the first century, and much more.

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This text was republished with permission from the Biblical Archaeology Society.