Last week, St. Michael’s welcomed 84 children each day where they learned that Jesus gives us hope, courage, direction, love, and power. We shared modern-day and Biblical faith stories, played games, and conducted science experiments! It was a memorable time filled with laughter, energy, and joy.

Campers completed several outreach projects during the week. They wrote messages of hope and love on prayer pillowcases, which will be delivered to shelters in North County. They packed 300 lunches for St. Michael’s Sack Lunch Ministry. And finally, campers raised about $90 for Bat Conservation International, an organization that works to protect bat-friendly environments.

On Friday, campers visited Carlsbad by the Sea, the retirement community. They shared songs and stories with the residents in a unique and meaningful time of intergenerational relationship building.

Thank you to the 45+ St. Michael’s staff and volunteers, and other members of the wider community, who made Vacation Bible School a success. This event could not have been possible without you!

Anathea Trettin

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