The Beginning 

In 1885, at the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Manhattan, a young wife and mother of two led a women’s Bible study. In an effort deepen their devotion to Christ and His Church, Maggie Franklin called a special meeting of the group on the eve of the Easter Vigil. On that night, The Order of the Daughters of the King was born. Their mission, “To spread the Kingdom of Christ among women” is lived out through the regular disciplines of prayer, service, and evangelism. The St. Michael’s by-the-Sea Agape Chapter of the Daughters of the King joins with approximately 25,000 daughters in the U.S. and another 5,000 in 20 countries around the world for the spread of Christ’s Kingdom.

Phyllis Gilbert Story of Transformation

In 2010, Daughters of the King at St. Michael’s offered a six-week discernment class to any women interested in becoming part of the fellowship. I thoroughly enjoyed the study; it was a time of learning not only about Daughters of the King but about God’s use of this Order in the life of the church and individual members.

Those who join DOK promise to live a life of prayer, study, and service. If followed religiously (pardon the pun), a woman lives a life of faith in God that naturally translates into action. One principal means of service is to support a parish priest — both by prayer and tangible help in Parish activities.

My membership has given me a sense of greater inclusion at St. Michael’s, knowing that I am part of a group of women of faith. When we pray and study together, I know God as my Father, Jesus as Savior, and the Holy Spirit as ongoing strength. My “sister-daughters” pray for me and my family — the priceless gift of women’s fellowship.

Daughters of the King has increased my faith in God’s love for me, His constant provision of my needs and the needs of my family. DOK has also made me more aware of the joy of service and faithfulness to the church.

Ladies, join the Daughters of the King October 22nd for the Women’s PJ Social — 5:30 pm Chapel / 6:15 pm Parish Hall. Enjoy Nigerian food, fellowship, and fun. All women are invited to come. RSVP today!