It’s been a productive season for our St. Michael’s gardeners, and the Brotherhood members who help us on the First Saturday of each month.

It’s been a very productive three months for us. If you look at the front of the office from the sidewalk, you’ll see a refurbished sign, “St. Michael’s Garden”. It’s true. St. Michael’s is a garden for many reasons, not the least of which is the wonderful garden of people who work and worship there. Don Krepps (father to Debra Saenz, brother to Ginny Unanue) took home the sign, and repaired and repainted it, and “planted” it again. Diana Bennett kindly painted the new St. Michael’s logo on it for us. Our thanks to both of them.

The good people who tend the physical gardens worked really hard to have them in wonderful shape for our 120th anniversary celebration, held on the Feast of St. Michael. It took two months, and a concerted effort by all our gardeners. They are all to be congratulated, and given sincere thanks for their efforts.

They are truly a wonderful bunch of people, always willing to lend a hand, and not just once a month, but in-between times.

Many of our areas have “gardeners” assigned, but we still have many more that could use a loving, helping hand. If you find it in your heart to volunteer a couple of times a month, to be “in charge” of an area in our great garden, we’d love to have you. Contact Ginny at 760-729-8901, x 106, or at 760,586-9341 (mobile). God counts you among his garden.

Written by Ginny Unauae, Archives Minister.