On August 24th, I received an email from the Parish Communications Coordinator, Megan Stanton, asking me to write about the Worship Team. As an introduction, I would like to share with you how I became involved in this ministry.

Step back with me to the early 1990’s and our weekend Mass schedule at that time. Our parish actually had four weekend Masses then; a Saturday afternoon Mass as well as three Masses on Sunday. The second Mass on Sundays was held at 9:00 am in the Chapel and my wife, Linda and I, were regular attendees. In fact, after moving to Carlsbad in 1993, our first visit to St. Michael’s was for the 9:00 am Sunday Mass and as soon as we walked into the Chapel, we knew that we had found our new spiritual home. I was immediately struck by the chapel’s simple elegance and as Mass began, the reverence with which it was conducted. Yes, this would indeed be our new home.

After several years, in 1996, one Sunday, a church bulletin announcement stated that a Lay Reader was needed for the 9:00 am service. My immediate reaction? “They’ll find someone.” The very next Sunday, the bulletin contained the exact same announcement. My reaction? “I hope they can find someone.” Well, in reading the exact same announcement for a third time the very next Sunday after that, my reaction was quite different, more along the lines of, “OK, you’ve read this three times now! You’re being called here, go do something about it!”

Fast forward with me to today and what is now referred to as the “Worship Team, composed of Chalice Bearers, Acolytes (Adults & Youth), and Lay Readers. As this ministry’s lead, I serve as the scheduler and perform training for adults interested in serving in any or all of these three ministries. I can share with you that serving at Mass truly has been spiritually enlightening and a profound blessing for me. I now often pause to consider “Why we do what we do” and feel blessed to be a part of this parish; devoted to its reverence via “. . . the richness of traditional Anglican Worship. . .”

I would ask that you prayerfully consider serving as part of the Worship Team. YOUR help is needed! Please email me at worship@stmbts.org if you would like to discuss serving or if you’re wondering if this ministry would be a good fit for you.

This article was written by Senior Warden, Tony Vanaria.